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10.4.2021 : 23:32 : +0200

Class trips to England


What about a class trip to London or to the south of England.
Past students all thought that London was worth a visit.


All our students really enjoyed various class trips to London. The students experienced multicultural London and all its famous meeting points like Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park. They enjoyed visiting museums like the National Gallery or theatres like the world famous Globe Theatre, where they could also attend a Shakespeare play. Watching a thrilling football match in a London stadium was another highlight. Our students also loved the boat trip on the River Thames or the atmosphere in the Tower of London.

A trip to Bristol and Bath offered a different picture of England and the students liked being away from the hustle of a big city.

A class trip to London is fascinating. Experience everyday life in London or a smaller city, improve your English and communication skills.

You can find more information about the excursions to London or the countryside on the following websites >>>

Impressions of London